One Step Closer To Municipal Bitcoin Permanent Funds

Bitcoin supplies little towns, cities, counties and whole states with a system that can be leveraged to turn their squandered or underutilized energy resources to produce sats streams that can stream into devoted long-term funds that have the sole function of holding mined bitcoin for an extended duration of time after which the town/city/county/ state can start deploying the mined sats to fund needs and lower– or potentially get rid of– taxes. A long-term fund could be spun up by permitting a personal sector miner to come in and take over the well for complimentary, permit them to use the natural gas to produce electrical power on site, mine with that electricity, and direct a small portion of the sats flows to the irreversible fund as a contribution for being able to take over the well. Local federal governments might release muni bonds with the sole intent of raising funds to acquire mining devices that would be utilized to take benefit of any stranded or lost energy plays with bond holders getting made whole very first and the mining operations contributing straight to the long-term fund after that.If I were a small town, city, or state looking to attract talent I would be racing to spin up a bitcoin mining long-term fund that permits you to use lower tax rates and show constituents that you are forward thinking and innovative.Shoutout to the city of Fort Worth and the team at Luxor (who helped coordinate all of this) for pressing this ball forward.

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