What Twitter Is Really Planning for Crypto

You may have heard of crypto Twitter, the corner of the social network where accounts have Bored Apes as profile photos, posts are rife with talk of tokens, blockchains, and purchasing the Bitcoin dip, and Elon Musk is venerated.Photograph: Christian PeacockThen again, you might have heard of Twitter Crypto, the business system devoted to establishing the social networks strategy for cryptocurrency, blockchains, and that grab-bag of decentralized innovations falling under the rubric of Web3.The teams unveiling came in November 2021 by means of a tweet from the freshly hired task lead, Tess Rinearson, a Berlin-based American computer system researcher whose profession includes stints at blockchain companies such as Tendermint and Interchain.Rinearson joined Twitter at an essential minute. Agrawal had actually played a critical function in Bluesky, a Twitter-backed project to create a procedure– potentially with blockchain parts– to build decentralized social networks.Courtesy of TwitterAs crypto went traditional globally and crypto Twitter blossomed, the company tried to dominate the space. The entire crypto world is like an internet of money, a web of worth that our users can potentially tap into to create new methods of owning their material, monetizing their content, owning their own identity, and even relating to each other.One of my goals is to develop Twitters crypto system in such a way that it caters to communities that go beyond simply that core crypto neighborhood.

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