An Overview Of The Stablecoin Market

With todays release and focus on stablecoins, as well as the current collapse of UST, an interesting window of opportunity for policymakers has emerged to provide guidance and clearness to stablecoin issuers, which would result in an increasing need for generating income from U.S. Treasury debt. In the cryptocurrency community, USD stablecoins account for nearly 100% of stablecoin value. Given the dollars role as the world reserve currency today, this makes instinctive sense.The U.S. dollar accounts for nearly 100% of stablecoin value.The main takeaway from the quick development of stablecoins over the previous 2 years is that regardless of the introduction of a digital financial bearer property with a repaired supply (bitcoin), there still is need for a bearer instrument type of dollars, even if accompanied by trade-offs.

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