End The Fed And Opt Out With Bitcoin

(Source)As the markets eagerly wait for the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting (and the unavoidable interest rate trek that will come with it) its crucial to advise ourselves that it is totally insane that we permit the madness of main banking to continue. Many FOMC conferences are uninteresting and arent as high stakes as tomorrows meeting appears to be. Tomorrows meeting is just as crucial as it is due to the fact that of all the boring FOMC conferences that led to it.

The below is a direct excerpt of Martys Bent Issue # 1226: “#EndTheFed.” Sign up for the newsletter here.(Source)As the marketplaces excitedly wait for the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting (and the unavoidable rates of interest hike that will include it) its crucial to advise ourselves that it is totally ridiculous that we permit the madness of central banking to continue. The world is presently waiting with bated breath for a statement from Jerome Powell, a 69-year-old attorney who took place to end up being Chairman of the Federal Reserve to see the number of basis points he decides to raise the federal funds rate.Tomorrow isnt anything special. Markets have actually been playing this video game for a long time now. Many FOMC conferences are boring and arent as high stakes as tomorrows conference appears to be. Tomorrows conference is definitely essential and will force markets to move drastically in one direction or the other depending on how aggressive Jay Powell and friends choose they wish to be. However, tomorrows conference is just as crucial as it is since of all the uninteresting FOMC conferences that resulted in it. Years of boring, complacent and accommodative policy in mix with terribly-managed central preparation on the part of the federal government allowed a complete distortion of rate signaling in the markets that is forcing the Fed to act strongly in this moment. Compounded bad main planning has completely trashed the global economy and we sit here and wait to hear how the arsonists prepare on repairing it. Its pure insanity.The only way to really repair the systemic problems that exist in our hyperconnected global economy is to end the Fed and return to a free-market-driven sound money requirement that is free of rates signal control via active rate of interest policy that synthetically broadens the financial base with cash printed ex nihilo. Reaching this point isnt going to occur by hoping that the Fed just goes away or that corrupt political leaders astonishingly get up and decide to shutter the organization themselves. When a mass of individuals choose to demand sound money and decide out of the naturally corrupt system, the Fed will just be eliminated. As it stands right now, the very best and just viable path towards that result is bitcoin.Despite current and historical cost volatility, bitcoin has essential base homes that make it uniquely matched to supplant the parasitic central banking system that the world is beholden to at the minute. Anybody anywhere who has the ability to download software that allows them to get, hold, send out and verify bitcoin can start demanding much better money right now. There is no requirement to wait. There is no need to ask. You and billions of other humans on earth can decide in this moment to start separating yourself from the insanity.

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