What’s Next for Bitcoin?

To be amongst the first to receive these insights and other on-chain bitcoin market analysis straight to your inbox, subscribe now.In todays Bitcoin Magazine Pro, we will cover the historically substantial 200-week moving average as well as cover the weekend rate action and derivative market movements.Bitcoin is currently listed below its 200-week moving average, which has just taken place four times throughout bitcoins history, marking substantial cyclical bottoms, but none have happened throughout the special financial situation we discover ourselves in today. There is no totally free lunch in the market, and the bitcoin market has a method of penalizing all undisciplined/over-leveraged market participants through its well-known volatility. Bitcoin price weighted by the per hour perps funding rateA heavily-shorted bitcoin derivatives market is a market primed to fly higher, and while we saw a strong reversal above $20,000 due to a squeeze of short positions over the weekend, the worst may be yet to come.

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