Built With Bitcoin Completes Clean Water Project For 1,000 Nigerian Villagers

The Igbaruku community, with over 1,000 villagers, will no longer need to utilize a polluted and unsafe water source that is miles away.The job was finished in May and cost around $6,000 in BTC at the time.The Built With Bitcoin Foundation has developed a water well in Nigeria which will supply villagers with clean drinking water and quality bitcoin education. Image through Built With Bitcoin FoundationIgbaruku Community, in the Kogi state of Nigeria, Africa homes over 1,000 villagers who were required to walk numerous miles each day to reach the only water source from another location close to them. The seclusion of the neighborhood has eliminated them from conveniences frequently taken for given, such as: tidy water, electricity, sanitation, education, banking services and other standard necessities.Now, not only does the community have a tidy and sustainable water source, however the neighborhood experienced the usage of bitcoin first-hand while workers educated the community on its usage.

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