Public Fedimint Testnet Launched On Signet

The below is a direct excerpt of Martys Bent Issue # 1266: “A Fedimint signet appears out of the wild.” Register for the newsletter here.User display screen on the Fluttermint mobile app after receiving signet ecash tokens.Earlier this week, Eric Sirion revealed the main launch of the first public signet (a testnet) for Fedimint, the open source protocol that permits people to easily create their own Chaumian Mints on top of the LNP/BP stack. This is an extremely exciting thing to see because it suggests that those building out the protocol are making product development and a mainnet being prepared for the general public seems to be in sight.I had the satisfaction of taking the signet version for a spin.Even though this is just operating on signet and the functionalities are rather limited– you can join a mint, get signet ecash tokens that represent sats and send out those ecash tokens– it was a quite wonderful user experience. The ease and speed with which it required to join the mint and receive sats from Sirions faucet using the Fluttermint mobile app was pretty unexpected. If this experience can be replicated on mainnet, it isnt difficult to see how these federated mints can become popular in a reasonably brief quantity of time.This was especially obvious on the receiving side of things. I created a QR invoice on my phone then had my laptop video camera scan the QR code from the faucet page and the tokens showed up in my wallet nearly instantaneously. Again, it is yet to be seen if this experience will be the very same when the protocol is ready for wider adoption via mainnet, however this is an extremely promising start for the protocol.Well keep you freaks posted on how the advancement of Fedimint progresses.Onward!

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