Another Bug Briefly Took Down Part Of The Lightning Network

Sign up for the newsletter here.via GitHubFor the 2nd time in less than a month, btcd (an alternative implementation of Bitcoin) and, by extension, LND (one of the Lightning executions) ended up being incompatible with the rest of the Bitcoin network due to some meddling from a designer named Burak. On October 9, Burak finished a 998-0f-999 tapscript multisig deal that btcd recognized as invalid while Bitcoin Core and other executions (correctly) acknowledged it as legitimate. Not ideal.Fast-forward to the other day and Burak was back again to interfere with btcd and LND with the type of transaction you see above: a P2TR (pay-to-taproot) invest consisting of N OP_SUCCESSx with 500,001 presses, which goes beyond the limitation hardcoded into btcd.

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