DC-Based Coffee Company Launches Bitcoin Blend In Honor Of El Salvadoran Farmers

Compass Coffee, a coffee shop business based in Washington DC, has partnered with the Embassy of El Salvador to introduce Bitcoin Blend, a limited-edition roast devoted to the farmers of El Salvador, per a release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. The company hosted a conference and panel conversation on Bitcoin and El Salvador, featuring the Ambassador of El Salvador to the United States, Milena Mayorga.” Today were extremely thrilled to announce the brand-new Bitcoin Blend, made from Salvadoran coffee grown in the Santa Ana area,” said Mayorga. “Its been created by Compass Coffee in honor of the first anniversary of bitcoin adoption in Salvador.” The blend functions active ingredients from Salvadoran Farms and a portion of the profits from sales will be donated to supporting the fast-growing coffee industry of El Salvador. “For us, a lot of whats exciting about bitcoin is how it offers us the potential to connect straight with everybody in the coffee worth chain – from the grower, to the individual operating the coffee mill, to the truck motorist, to the exporter,” said Max Deem, VP of operations at Compass Coffee.Compass thinks that Bitcoin empowers regional organization owners in the region. Hence, while Bitcoin and coffee might not seem to be a natural collaboration to some, to the leadership of Compass Coffee, it makes all the sense worldwide. “Using bitcoin for payments to our worldwide coffee partners implies that we are able to cut out a great deal of the extra expenses that feature doing service worldwide – wire transfer fees and that sort of thing – and put more value straight into the hands of the individuals that in fact make it possible for us to roast coffee and do what we do every day,” said Chas Newman, head of sourcing and production at Compass Coffee.Compass is presently seeking to become Lightning-enabled in its 15 places in the DC area and it currently accepts bitcoin as payment on its online store..

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