Tornado Cash attacker to potentially give back governance control, proposal reveals

With overall control over the governance of the decentralized crypto mixer, the enemy was in a position to inflict huge losses, considering they might withdraw all of the locked votes, drain all of the tokens in the governance agreement and brick the router.While the story unfolded, neighborhood member Tornadosaurus-Hex or Mr. Tornadosaurus Hex, took proactive steps to reduce the possible damages by releasing a subsequent proposition requesting all members to withdraw all funds locked in governance, as shown below.A Tornado Cash community members proposal for getting control from the assailant. A few hours into the hack, to everyones surprise, the aggressor remarkably reached out to the Tornado Cash neighborhood with a new proposal, hinting at their intent to give back the governance control. Source: Tornado Cash forumsAs shown above, Hex communicated the attackers plan to the neighborhood, stating that:”The aggressor published a new proposal to bring back the state of Governance.

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