Tornado Cash attacker to potentially giveback governance control, proposal reveals

Just a day after an attacker stimulated community-wide panic after pirating the Tornado Cash governance, a new proposition mean the possible remediation of the state of governance.On May 21, the passing of a harmful proposal permitted an attacker to get complete control over Tornado Cashs governance. With total control over the governance of the decentralized crypto mixer, the assaulter was in a position to inflict enormous losses considering they might withdraw all of the locked votes, drain all of the tokens in the governance contract and brick the router.While the story unfolded, neighborhood member Tornadosaurus-Hex or Mr. Tornadosaurus Hex, took proactive actions to decrease the potential damages by releasing a subsequent proposal requesting all members to withdraw all funds locked in governance, as shown below.Tornado Cash neighborhood members proposal for acquiring control from assailant. Source: munityHowever, Mr. Tornadosaurus Hex (Hex) doubted about the effectiveness of the new proposal thinking about the opponents grip over the mixers governance. A few hours into the hack, to everyones surprise, the assailant surprisingly connected to the Tornado Cash neighborhood with a new proposition, meaning their intent to return the governance control. Tornado Cash aggressors proposal to return governance control. Source: munityAs shown above, Hex interacted the attackers strategy to the neighborhood specifying that:” The opponent published a new proposal to restore the state of Governance. I believe that there is a great chance hes going to execute it.”Hex more mentioned that while the community has no other choice aside from adhering to the enemys chosen approach of returning the governance control, his due diligence with regard to verifying storage designs checks out.Mr. Tornadosaurus Hex confirmed the slot matching. Source: munityWhile numerous community members revealed optimism toward the assailants supposed change of mind, others hypothesize it was a relocate to pump the TORN tokens rate before cashing out.Related: Allbridge offers bounty to exploiter who took$ 573K in flash loan attackOn the brilliant side, the crypto community has experienced a sharp decline in the overall hacks in the very first quarter of 2023. Graph revealing hacks and exploits from Q1 2022- Q1 2023. Source: TRM Labs.However, history recommends that crypto users should not get complacent as 2022 experienced a spike in crypto hacks quickly after recording a slow phase.Magazine: Moral responsibility: Can blockchain actually enhance rely on AI?

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