Token2049 captivates Singapore, Huobi rebrands on 10th Anniversary: Asia Express

From Sept. 13– 14, guests going into the stunning Marina Bay Sands Convention Expo and Center were welcomed by the energetic beats from the Polyhedra DJ, then to a hall of cubicles showcasing the current innovation in the blockchain industry. Aside from the primary show, over 400 side occasions took place this year.

Token 2049, one of the largest crypto conferences of the year, attracted a record 10,000 attendees, 300 speakers and 5,000 companies throughout the two-day occasion in Singapore.

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Amongst the greatest statements throughout the event, KXVC, a subsidiary of Kasikornbank, the biggest bank in Thailand with 20 million clients, launched a $100 million fund dedicated to Web3, AI and deep tech companies based in Southeast Asia. KXVC composed:

In a September 14 statement, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) reprimanded both Zhu and Davies, disallowing the 2 from enterprise activities in the city-states regulated capital markets for nine years.; (ii) failing to notify MAS about changes to Mr Zhus and Mr Davies directorship and shareholdings; and (iii) going beyond the properties under management threshold permitted for a signed up fund management company.”.

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In a live demonstration at Chye Seng Huat Hardware coffee shop in Singapore, Cheney Cheng, co-founder of CoffeeDAO, showed Cointelegraph how to receive approximately 4 free coffees at the store with a simple scan of a bar code, yielding four COFFEE tokens minted on Polygon, which might then be straight exchanged for coffee. Not only do consumers get airdrop tokens per check out, but the “loyalty points” can then be invested at other cafes.

More than a year later, 3ACs personal bankruptcy is still continuous, and no criminal grievances have been submitted versus either Davies or Zhu in any jurisdiction. Last month, an awkward error that presumed Davies was a U.S. instead of a Singaporean resident revoked Davies court service in U.S. insolvency courts, which have actually cost over $30 million to date. Both Davies and Zhu have actually now been served in Singaporean courts.

Formerly understood as BitDAO, the Mantle Network has been a maverick in reinvigorating blockchain neighborhoods, with the launch of a $500 million blockchain gaming fund in November 2021.

CoffeeDAO tokenizes marketing potential of coffee shops.

Justices late arrival for 3AC.

A new decentralized self-governing organization, called CoffeeDAO, is partnering with cafes worldwide to unravel their market capacity in exchange for totally free coffee.

” For Web3, KXVC targets Web3 infrastructures, nodes validators, RPC service providers, middlewares, modularity innovations, privacy, ZKP, wallets, alternative L1/L2s, shared securities, LsdFi and consumerization of NFTs.”

Justin Sun, de facto owner of HTX, said throughout a Token2049 press conference that the new name is likewise developed for non-Chinese users of the exchange, mentioning the problem of pronouncing “Huobi” for foreigners.

It appears that some moderate justice has finally arrived for Zhu Su and Kyle Davies, both co-founders of Singaporean crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), who exploded the $3.5 billion firm in 2022 and after that started a game of catch-me-if-you-can with lenders.

HTX has actually remained in chaos given that the start of the year, soon after Sun acquired the exchange and reportedly crushed a worker revolt. In spite of promoting outstanding profits and profit figures, Edward Chen, managing director of HTX Ventures, revealed that the exchange had cut its personnel count to 900 from 2,500 at the beginning of the year. Last month, the exchange denied it was close to insolvency and that Chinese authorities had actually apprehended its senior executives..

When it comes to AI, the company said it would prioritize buying “consumer-focused AI, cybersecurity, AI/ML tools (e.g., implementation platforms, information annotation, design optimization), and problem-specific AI startups.” The fund will be led by Krating Poonpol group chairman of Kasikorn Business Technology Group, and Jom Vimolnoht, handling director of KXVC. According to KXVC, Poonpol has more than 100 investments, 4 unicorns, and 10 exits across 5 funds as an investor. Vimolnoht has actually managed $400 million in start-up financial investments and has actually backed 35 start-ups in the region.

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According to Cheney, the concept is all about the community, which would permit community-based mom-and-pop stores to complete with the similarity Starbucks and McDonalds. Clients aside, a referral program exists where individuals can receive approximately 200 COFFEE tokens (200 cups of espresso) for onboarding coffee shops to the program. Far, over 15 coffee shops have partnered with CoffeeDAO throughout Singapore and Hong Kong.

According to the Sept. 13announcement, the rebranding coincides with the exchanges goals in its new age to further “worldwide expansion, growing community, wealth result and security and compliance.”.

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global is altering its name to a word where “H” represents the first letter of Huobi, “T” represents Justin Suns blockchain project Tron, and “X” represents the exchanges 10th anniversary; the brand-new name also takes place to be eerily similar to the now bankrupt crypto exchange FTX.

CoffeeDAO at the Chye Seng Huat Hardware coffee store in Singapore (Cointelegraph).

In May 2023, BitDAO (BIT) passed a “One brand name, One token” unity governance proposal rebranding the network to Mantle with 235 million BIT tokens voting yes and 988 BIT ballot no.

Huobi Global alters name to … HTX?.

On Sept. 15, Ethereum layer-two scaling service Mantle Network, launcheda $200 million development fund for community acceleration. Among the first receivers are LiquidX, an application layer-focused venture studio structure Web3 companies; Valent, a decentralized money market checking out liquid staking derivatives finance (LSDFi); and Range Protocol, an all-in-one on-chain possession management platform and ecosystem.

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Token2049s OKX Main Stage (Cointelegraph).

Token2049 Main Event in Singapore (Cointelegraph).

3AC co-founders Kyle Davies (first from left) and Zhu Su (2nd from left) (Twitter).

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Last month, an embarrassing mistake that assumed Davies was a U.S. rather of a Singaporean citizen invalidated Davies court service in U.S. personal bankruptcy courts, which have cost over $30 million to date.

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HTX has actually been in chaos considering that the beginning of the year, shortly after Sun got the exchange and supposedly crushed an employee revolt. In spite of touting excellent profits and revenue figures, Edward Chen, handling director of HTX Ventures, revealed that the exchange had actually cut its personnel count down to 900 from 2,500 at the start of the year. In a September 14 declaration, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) reprimanded both Zhu and Davies, disallowing the 2 from business activities in the city-states regulated capital markets for nine years.; (ii) stopping working to inform MAS about changes to Mr Zhus and Mr Davies directorship and shareholdings; and (iii) going beyond the properties under management limit permitted for a signed up fund management company.”.

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