Climate activists block London bridges, UK oil terminals

Climate-change protesters have snarled traffic by blocking four London bridgesByThe Associated PressApril 15, 2022, 5:03 PM – 2 minutes readShare to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this articleLONDON– Climate-change protesters snarled traffic by blocking 4 London bridges on Friday, while other activists continued weeks of presentations targeting oil terminals throughout Britain.Cars and red double-decker buses backed up along roads as hundreds of Extinction Rebellion activists occupied Londons Waterloo, Blackfriars, Lambeth and Westminster bridges, calling for an end to new fossil fuel investments.The Metropolitan Police force said “pockets of protest” were causing hold-ups and interruption across central London.The presentations are part of a growing climate action motion that has also seen the group Insulate Britain block highways and roadways to push needs that the federal government fund more energy-efficient homes.In action, the Conservative government has actually presented procedures to curb disruptive protests, a relocation that has sparked dispute about freedom of speech.On Friday the federal government applauded oil business for acquiring court orders to stop demonstrators who have been blocking oil depots.More than 600 individuals have actually been apprehended over the past two weeks after ecological activists climbed up atop oil tankers, padlocked themselves to structures and obstructed roads at oil depots across the U.K. He said numerous companies have actually been given injunctions that limit protesters actions and access to sites.Protests continued Friday at sites in southeast and central England despite the injunctions, with dozens of arrests.

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