Dwayne Haskins was getting gas before fatally hit by dump truck, wife told 911

The occurrence took place on I-595 in Fort Lauderdale on April 9. April 20, 2022, 8:06 PM – 5 min readShare to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this articlePittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins was walking on a Florida highway to get gas prior to he was fatally struck by a dump truck earlier this month, his partner apparently informed a dispatcher in newly released 911 calls.Haskins, 24, was walking on the westbound side of Interstate 595 in Fort Lauderdale on the early morning of April 9 when he hit an approaching dump truck, according to Florida Highway Patrol. He was pronounced dead at the scene.The Broward County Sheriffs Office on Wednesday launched the 911 calls relating to the event, including from a caller who stated she was his better half, Kalabrya Haskins.”Im calling because my hubby is stuck on the side of the highway,” his spouse informed the dispatcher. “He needed to go strolling to get gas and he stated he was going back to the automobile on the highway.”She stated she was in Pittsburgh and had been unable to get ahold of her hubby so was asking to see if someone could go examine him.”Thats just not like him, for him not to call me back,” she stated, after providing the dispatcher his approximate location.The dispatcher responded, “I do not desire you to stress, but Im going to be sincere with you– we do have an incident on the highway, however I cant verify if thats your partner or not.”The dispatcher stated there was an accident and that rescue and state cannon fodders were presently there. She took down his wifes contact information and told her to stay by her phone for a possible update.Authorities likewise released 911 calls made by a number of troubled witnesses who said they saw a man get hit by a dump truck on I-595. Other callers reported seeing a body on the highway. Numerous callers stated they were coming from the neighboring Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.Haskins was strolling on the westbound side of I-595 and went into the travel lanes into the path of the dump truck in the center lane of the highway, according to the Florida Highway Patrols final accident report on the incident.Dwayne Haskins of the Pittsburgh Steelers looks on throughout the video game versus the Detroit Lions at Heinz Field, Aug. 21, 2021, in Pittsburgh.A 2nd motorist attempted to avoid him, but the 2nd car also can be found in contact with Haskins, according to the report, which was launched Wednesday.There were no distractions or vision issues on the part of the two drivers, the report stated.A witness told authorities a 3rd automobile might have been involved, but no details was supplied beyond the color of the vehicle.Haskins was in Florida training with other Steelers gamers at the time, according to ESPN.A “public event of life” is prepared for Haskins in Pittsburgh on Friday, his household announced.”I desire to thank everyone for their continuous outpour of compassion and love for my spouse throughout this incredibly hard time,” Kalabrya Haskins said in a statement on the plans.During the service at the Allegheny Center Alliance Church in Pittsburgh, “his tradition will be honored with stories informed from colleagues, coaches, good friends, family and loved ones,” she stated.

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