Rust Movie Productions issued willful citation for Halyna Hutchins on-set death

The citation includes a $136,793 civil charge. April 20, 2022, 5:32 PM – 4 min readShare to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this articleRust Movie Productions was released a “willful” citation, consisting of a $136,793 charge, on Wednesday for failures that resulted in cinematographer Halyna Hutchins “avoidable death” on the set of “Rust” last October. This is the greatest level of citation and maximum great permitted by state law in New Mexico.”Rust Movie Productions, LLC was mentioned for the plain indifference to the recognized risks associated with making use of firearms on set that resulted in a fatality, serious injury, and hazardous working conditions,” the New Mexico Environment Departments Occupational Health and Safety Bureau stated in a press release.Hutchins died and the movies director was hospitalized after a prop gun held by Alec Baldwin fired a live round on the set of “Rust.”The OHSB released the results of an examination into Hutchins death last October, discovering that “management understood that gun security procedures were not being followed on set and showed plain indifference to worker security by stopping working to examine work practices and take restorative action.”The OHSB said the movie production crew stopped working to abide by industry-wide safety guidelines. According to the standards, ammo ought to never be brought to any studio lot or phase; security conferences must take location every day when firearms are being dealt with; and staff members have to “avoid pointing a gun at anybody” other than after consultation with the residential or commercial property master, armorer or other safety agent, such as the very first assistant director.By stopping working to follow these practices, a preventable loss of life occurred, OHSB stated.”Our examination found that this tragic event never would have taken place if Rust Movie Productions, LLC had actually followed national movie industry standards for firearm security,” New Mexico Environment Cabinet Secretary James Kenney said in a statement. “This is a total failure of the employer to follow acknowledged national protocols that keep workers safe.”Rust Movie Productions has 15 business days to pay the penalty and provide OHSB with certification of corrective action or contest the citation with the Occupational Health and Safety Review Commission.Hutchins family filed a wrongful death match in February versus a variety of parties including Baldwin and the films production, declaring that careless behavior and cost cutting led to Hutchins death.”Any claim that Alec was reckless is totally incorrect. He, Halyna and the rest of the team relied on the declaration by the two professionals responsible for examining the weapon that it was a cold weapon– indicating there is no possibility of a discharge, blank or otherwise,” Aaron Dyer, a lawyer for Baldwin, said in reaction to the suit.

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