THNDR Launches Play-to-Earn Bitcoin Solitaire Game

THNDR Games introduces a new solitaire game allowing users to make and play bitcoin.The familiarity of solitaire is indicated to make onboarding more comfortable for first-time bitcoin gamers. Over 80% of the businesss users earn their first bitcoin through THNDR Games with 60% of its base situated in emerging markets. THNDR Games, a bitcoin-only video gaming business, has actually introduced Club Bitcoin: Solitaire, a brand-new solitaire-style mobile game that lets its players make bitcoin for playing, per a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. Image by means of THNDRThe new video game is targeting a larger female audience, as the release mentions 63% of all women play mobile games. Additionally, the familiarity of solitaire video games permits players to have a comfy and easy onboarding experience onto bitcoin. Certainly, the video gaming company keeps in mind that over 80% of its users are brand-new to bitcoin and make their first satoshis through the platform. THNDR continues to target emerging economies as they are the fastest growing market in the industry, per the release.Thus, the conclusion could be drawn that those in emerging economies who are looking for harder types of money are turning to bitcoin via video gaming platforms, as the company states 60% of its user base are in these regions.”At THNDR, our mission is to bring bitcoin to the world through play,” stated Desiree Dickerson, CEO of THNDR Games. “Club Bitcoin: Solitaire is the best tool to spearhead mass adoption.” Really, the Bitcoin Lightning Network eases the procedure of onboarding new users as the gaming company can provide near-instant payments in bitcoin without requiring any technical knowledge from the user. THNDR has delivered over $1.5 million in BTC to its users because creation. The gaming platform is non-custodial, implying the business does not hold the secrets of its users bitcoin. In addition, the application supports a plethora of bitcoin wallets, allowing users to manage their experience from start to complete.

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