Stand With Crypto campaign to focus on four swing states: Coinbase

Source: Morning ConsultCoinbase likewise pointed out that in Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania in specific, more than 40% of crypto owners utilize blockchain to remit money overseas to help household members pay for health, real estate and food care for far less than what banks usually charge with global wire transfers.Coinbase attempts to set in motion crypto usersThe highlighted research comes amidst an ongoing “Stand With Crypto” campaign, a 14-month-long campaign launched by Coinbase in August, pushing for crypto legislation in the nation. Coinbase said the project will focus on the 4 “swing states” but will also consist of an extreme focus on Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, and Wisconsin, which have an “over-index” when it comes to crypto owners, it stated. Coinbase is also set to arrange a “Stand with Crypto Day” will take place in Washington D.C. on Sept. 27 to promote for better cryptocurrency development and policy.Related: Coinbase CEO states leaving US not even in the world of possibility right now– Report The project is also motivating crypto owners and fans to take a minute to call their members of Congress and ask them to pass clear, practical legislation.

Crypto exchange Coinbase says it will focus its “Stand with Crypto” project on nine states in the U.S., including four “swing states” with citizens surveyed as less most likely to select anti-crypto governmental candidates.The four “swing states” include New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, which are simply some of the states the crypto exchange is set to focus its “Stand with Crypto” campaign, it stated in a Sept. 19 blog site. “Polling in the fall of 2022 revealed that in the key states of NH, NV, OH, and PA, over half (55%) of citizens stated that they would be less most likely to vote for candidates who oppose crypto and Web3,” said Coinbase, citing survey information collected in a Morning Consult poll a year prior.

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