SBF trial dates revealed: FTX founder to stand trial over 6 weeks

Previous FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried will invest at least 21 days in court as part of his criminal trial, which will start in earnest on Oct. 4 and last till Nov. 9, according to a recently released trial calendar posted to the public court docket.The blossoming trial calendar, launched on Sept. 28, starts on Oct. 3 with jury choice. Through his attorneys, Bankman-Fried has actually filed various movements for short-term release to prepare for his approaching trial.”However, Kaplan stated that he was supportive to the defenses issues, and has actually given Bankman-Fried consent to get here at court at 7am local time on the majority of trial days to speak with his legal representatives before testament begins.Related: Sam Bankman-Frieds momentary release demand denied as trial date loomsDuring the hearing on Sept. 28, assistant U.S. attorney Danielle Kudla said the Department of Justice estimated the case could last four to 5 weeks.

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